What Are 5 Things An Octopus Eats?

If you’re here, you are most likely someone who enjoys morsels of information about our favorite cephalopod—the octopus! But what are 5 things an octopus eats and enjoys? Just like their two-armed pals (humans), octopuses eat many tasty morsels, depending on where they live in the ocean and what their energy requirements are. Read on to learn more!

Long armed octopus caught a shrimp and eating it. Macro underwater world of Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia.

Bring on the meat!

What is definitely on the menu for an octopus? Meat! Octopuses are carnivores, and they actively forage or hunt their prey.

Many octopuses envelop prey with their webbed arms—kind of like a hug, except not as friendly.

If their meal comes encased in a hard shell, the octopus pierces through the shell with its beak. (And, yes, octopuses have beaks!) That way, it can get to its meal quicker and sometimes carry those shells back to its den to decorate!

a picture showcasing octopus drill holes in shells.

What are 5 things an octopus eats?

Octopus often eat other sea creatures such as:

  • Crustaceans (shrimps and crabs)
  • Gastropods (snails)
  • Bivalves (clams and mussels)
  • Fish (including sharks)
  • And—occasionally—a member of their own kin

🐙 Octopus Fun Fact

Occasional octopus cannibalism is totally a thing. In 2014, divers observed and recorded three instances of cannibalism among wild Common Octopus adults, and scientists confirmed what was happening. In all three cases, the cannibal was way bigger than its prey.

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🐙 Octopus Fun Fact

Some octopus pile up their prey’s empty shells outside their den, alongside random rocks and shells they collect. This is sometimes called an “octopus’s garden.” (Cue the Beatles!)

Octopus hiding in a hole sand shells sea weed Greece hydra island

What does an octopus diet look like?

There are many meaty menu options for an octopus, and each species will eat what’s available in its particular habitat.

For instance, a Reef-Dwelling Octopus species like the day octopus is going to eat things that also live in coral reefs—crabs, fish, and so on. A deep-dwelling species like a Dumbo Octopus will eat:

  • Deep-sea crustaceans (copepods and amphipods)
  • Bristle worms
  • Isopods

Most of the time because that’s what’s available!

In this case… size matters

A big octopus, like the Giant Pacific Octopus, is more apt to take down larger prey, such as a dogfish shark (!!), while a smaller octopus is more likely to stick to smaller prey items.

For instance, the smallest known octopus, the teeny-tiny Star-Sucker Pygmy Octopus, munches on plankton for a good chunk of its life.

So … what do octopus eat?

As you can see, what an octopus specifically eats depends very much on which octopus you’re talking about, along with where it lives and how large it is. It also depends on whether you’re considering a baby octopus or a full-grown adult octopus (the babies eat plankton.)

However varied octopus’ palettes can be, they all have one important thing in common: meat. Octopus just don’t eat plants.

“Hard pass on the side salad.” –Every Octopus Ever

Welcome to the wonderful, wacky world of octopus!

🐙 Fun Fact 🐙

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