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OctoNation has had the pleasure of working with National Geographic, Disney, Meta, SXSW, Guinness Book of World Records, The Explorers Club of New York, & more. 

If you’re looking for media inquiries, interviews with octopus experts, photo/video licensing, fact checking, educational curricula, or want to share your research with us… please fill out the form below. 


    warren carlyle, founder of octonation- the largest octopus fan club , octopus expert on the national news
    Warren Carlyle, Octopus Expert | Author | Founder of OctoNation - The Largest Octopus Fan Club
    Dr. Chelsea Bennice, Scientific Advisor to OctoNation - The Largest Octopus Fan Club
    Chris Adams, Creative Director, Illustrator for OctoNation - The Largest Octopus Fan Club

    Do Octopus Bite?

    Octopuses of myth and legend come off as monsters, but real-life octopuses are far from monstrous! Generally, octopuses aren’t interested in hurting humans unless humans

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