‘Artist Spotlight’ Of The Week: Rafael Vallaperde

Howdy Nation! In today’s post, we are going to be featuring our ‘Artist Spotlight’ of the week: Rafael Vallaperde. Rafael shows his love for octopuses by creating works of art using CGI programs! He is here today to walk us through his process and show us a few of his octopus-inspired images.

Meet Rafael Vallaperde!

I am really excited about today’s artist! I would like you to meet Rafael Vallaperde.

An avid octopus lover, Rafael is a CGI artist and entrepreneur. Rafael has developed art for the last few years, with an emphasis on organic creatures like octopuses. He loves to create surreal scenes that are full of detail and textures.

Rafael is the creative director at Lightfarm Studios, where he creates assets, environments, and interactions for virtual reality projects. When not creating digital art, Rafael works as a teacher at UNHIDE School, teaching people how to use different CGI software programs to create virtual art.

It really is amazing what you can do with some of these computer software programs to create realistic visuals!

What inspires your love for octopuses? When did this start for you? 

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a special fascination with different cephalopods. It was probably because of my father!

He always loved diving, fishing and the sea! So, I was drawn to them very early.

My interest in sea creatures came way before art, although I mixed them up quite early.”

OctoNation members love knowing how long your work takes you to complete… Can you describe the process?

“Sure! Based on the theme and sketches, a full CGI image can take from a week to a month, depends on its complexity.

With that said, it is also common for a project like this one to take a few months. You have to find the time to invest in it!

Here is a video tutorial of how I created this CGI graphic of an octopus in a bird cage. You will be able to see my detailed process as well as how I use take my sketchings and bring them to life using my computer software.”

By: Rafael Vallaperde

Do you like to use a specific kind of octopus species when creating your art images?

“Most of them are just some original ideas that form in mind. But, as soon as I have a clear goal or theme, I like to go on a search for great references! They do influence a lot on how things turn out.

There is no point in reinventing what nature crafted over so long. Things are the way that they are for a reason!”

What materials did you use? 

“Most of my work is digital. Although, I do like to sketch things on paper now and then. My favorite pieces of software are:

  • Zbrush
  • Blender
  • Adobe Photoshop

I like to use more than one so I can create the perfect CGI!”

Who (or what) are your biggest influences?

“When it comes to influences and inspiration, Mother Nature itself is huge! Pop culture (such as movies and videogames) is also full of great content and resources.

Whenever I am stuck or am in need of some moral support and feedback, I like to turn to the CGI community.”

When do you feel the most creative?

“When I see opportunity for a sinergy!

I also love to learn things, especially when there is something I want to create. What really triggers my creativity is when there is something I want to create but I have to learn something new along the way to create. It’s even better when I can also use it to teach someone else, like a new art or CGI software.”

How do you know when an image is finished? 

” I normally say a piece is finshed when I have to let go. Things can always get better, but at some point, you have to let it go and take what you have learned to improve your next piece, not just work on this one.

It has done its purpose!

My best piece is always my next piece, where I can put what I learned to test, once again.”

What’s the best website for people to discover your work?

“You can find me at Lightfarm Studios and on Art Station!”

Thank You For Joining Us For Artist Spotlight!

First, we want to give a big thank you to Rafael Vallaperde for allowing us to showcase his beautiful artwork here on OctoNation. To continue supporting Rafael and his work, make sure to follow him on Instagram @rafaelvallaperde. If you have any interest in commissioning a piece from Rafael, send him a message!

If you want to educate yourself some more about all sorts of different cephalopods, take a look at our encyclopedia. Or, what we call it, our Octopedia!

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