Meet Crabby Chris- Our Mimic Octopus!

Hey, y’all! I’m super excited to introduce you to Crabby Chris- one of the newest designs from our “Sweet Treats” collection. I’ll be sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how Crabby Chris came to be. Plus, learn what octopus species influenced his design (and his preferred ice cream flavor)!

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Crabby Chris really got his name from his favorite ice cream treat. 🦀

He would be inclined to tell you it’s the best. And don’t even bother trying to argue with him… I guess you can say that he’s a crabby character, especially when he mimics his lion-fish pals!

Chris is a solitary creature most of the time, but when he hears those ice cream submarine songs, he can’t help but come out to snag a treat!

🐙 Octopus Fun Fact

Chris’s Ice Cream Flavor: Cherry Crabsicle

The Inspiration Behind The Crabby Chris Collection

You can thank OctoNation’s Creative Director, Chris Adams, for Crabby Chris- he was the one who designed this collection!

Giving us a play-by-play on his Instagram (@chrisacreative) while creating the “Sweet Treats” collection for the shop, you are really able to see all of the designs come to life.

He first likes to use his trusty M301 .5mm steel series mechanical pencil to sketch the octopus design on paper and then fills it with color to create the final look.

🐙 Octopus Fun Fact

If you are really enjoying this design, you should check out the entire “Sweet Treats” collection. I actually just did a whole behind-the-scenes look at one of the other sticker designs Chris created.

Huge fan of the Caribbean Reef Octopus? Then you will love Dreamy Dani!

What kind of octopus species was used to create Crabby Chris?

Chris was inspired by our Octopedia profile on the Mimic Octopus!

mimic octopus imitating sea snake
The Mimic Octopus Imitating A Sea Snake

The magnificent Thaumoctopus mimicus (its scientific name) is best known for… you know… mimicking. It’s actually really fascinating.

The Mimic Octopus will mimic just about anything to provide a distraction as a defensive strategy. It likes to use its long arms to imitate other sea creatures and even copy the skin color of others to create a decoy in the midst of predators.

Living in the shallow waters off the coast of the tropical Indo-West Pacific, this striped octopus likes to make its home really cozy by creating its own burrows (dens) in the soft sandy substrate.

They like to hang out and every so often stick out one of their long arms looking for something delicious to eat, like worms, fish, shrimp, and crab (the real kind- not the ice cream, sadly).

What an awesome life!

Shop The Crabby Chris Collection Today!

Forever obsessed with Crabby Chris? Check out our whole collection featuring just him. You can buy so many things! I highly recommend checking out the sweatshirts- they are super comfortable and perfect for those cooler months.

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If you want to educate yourself some more about all sorts of different cephalopods, take a look at our encyclopedia. Or, what we call it, our Octopedia!

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