30+ Octo-Riffic Octopus Gifts For That Cephalopod Lover In Your Life!

Are you looking for octopus gifts to give this holiday season? If so, then look no further! From octopus stickers to mugs, we have the perfect gift for the octopus enthusiast in your life. We made sure to find gifts that were suitable for every kind of budget and person. Whether they are 8 or 88, these gifts will be sure to impress even the most avid of octo-lover. Get ready for some awesome gift ideas in this blog post! 

Our founder Warren with his favorite octopus stuffed animal!

We have officially entered the holiday season and I cannot be more excited!

The air is colder, the days are shorter, and everything just feels so much more festive. It is a time of giving, receiving, and celebrating with friends and family. It’s also the best season to find and surprise your favorite people with octopus gifts!

The Most Inkcredible Octopus Gifts To Buy 2021

For many octo-lovers out there (myself included), I know that it can be hard finding unique gifts for this special group of cephalopod enthusiasts.

This set of octopus gifts is sure to please all of the octopus lovers in your life!

???? Stickers

Let’s get started with the first octopus gift idea on our list: octopus stickers!

Everyone loves cute and cool stickers, but where do you find them? That was my problem when I wanted octopus stickers for my notebook and laptop case.

I looked everywhere and all I could find were random octopuses on different objects, but nothing specifically octopus themed or related to cephalopods.

That was until now!

OctoNation has this AMAZING merch shop full of awesome octopus stickers. Specially designed by OctoNation’s creative director, Chris Adams, these beautifully accurate octopuses are hand-drawn and then turned into stickers.

And the best part is that these stickers are colorful, unique, and perfect for all octopus lovers out there!

Here are some of the best-selling stickers according to all of the OctoNation fans out there…

🐙 Octopus Fun Fact

All of the octopus stickers are SUPER durable. You can slap them on your laptop, notebook, reusable water bottle- pretty much anything you want!

???? Apparel

Every octopus lover out there has some sort of apparel on there showing their love for these sea creatures… or they should.

If they don’t, help them out and start their collection with an awesome shirt!

Remember that merch shop I mentioned? Not only do they have fun octopus stickers, but they also have comfy and unique pieces of apparel you can buy.

Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, you name it. With all of those different octopus products, you are sure to find the octo-apparel of your dreams here.

I have an OctoNation sweatshirt myself and I wear it ALL THE TIME.

Note: The shop has kid sizes too!

???? Accessories

Okay, now we are getting to the good stuff.

I’ll admit- It’s not easy finding octopus earrings, necklaces, or basically any sort of accessory with octopuses on it. At least accurate-looking ones.

Thankfully on my search for finding the best octopus gifts out there, I was able to find some beautiful octopus jewelry and accessories that I think y’all are going to love.

Check it out!

Tiny Octopus Stud Earrings (Great for kids!)

Fun Fact: We did a whole artist spotlight on Hayley Egan, the artist who created this gorgeous octopus pendant! You should check it out if you love this piece from her ????

???? Toys

And now for the octopus gift that never gets old: octopus toys!

Everyone loves a good stuffed animal, and these octopuses are no exception. I mean- just look at those adorable faces… who could resist? They would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for anyone out there looking to add some octo-cuteness to their collection.

Besides cute plushies, I was also able to find some puzzles and board games I thought y’all would enjoy.

At the end of the day, octopuses just want to have fun… And so do you when these octopus toys are around!

Inky’s Fortune With Gems (Perfect kids game!)

???? Special Holiday Octopus Gifts

Since it is the holidays and all, I wanted to include a section for gifts that are octopus AND holiday-themed.

These octopus gifts are perfect for Christmas and even just sending a special card to loved ones as the year comes to an end.

Take a look:

Give A Donation To OctoNation In Their Name!

Last but not least on our octopus gift list: Give back by giving a donation to OctoNation.

What better way to show your love for octopuses than giving a donation to octopuses in your friends and family’s name?

It’s the perfect octopus gift for that cephalopod lover in your life!

Any donation given is used to help fund our education and conservation efforts with scientists, educators, and artists to make a global impact.

Just fill out the form down below!

And that’s it for my octopus gift guide today!

Whether they love octopuses so much that their room is full of octopus plushies, or if all they wear is cephalopod shirts and stickers… these octopus gifts will make them happy and show off how awesome (and octo-riffic) they are.

And you can’t go wrong with gifting them something octo and cool, right? ????

I hope y’all found were able to find something to give to that special octopus lover this holiday season. If you did, drop a comment down below and let us know what you bought.

Happy holidays (and happy shopping)!

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