Winners Of The Octographer! (Octopus Photo Competition)

As part of “Worlds Oceans Week,” The Explorers Club and OctoNation are excited to announce the winners of our inaugural global octopus photo competition, ‘The Octographer!’

‘The Octographer’ a Wunderpus photogenicus By: Chris Adams

Congratulations to our contest winners! Chosen from over 450 submissions from photographers from more than 20 countries, The Explorers Club and OctoNation are thrilled to recognize these artists.

The Winner’s were on display at The Explorers Club throughout World Oceans Week, June 6-10, 2022

Note: Check out the full week of events and celebrate World Oceans Week with us HERE!

“The other-worldly beauty and strangeness of these brilliant, sensitive creatures, can’t help but inspire our wonder. I’m confident that honoring some of the dazzling images underwater photographers have captured of octopuses’ secret lives will help re-awaken our reverence for the ocean–and help summon the will we need to protect it.”

Sy Montgomery, author of the New York Times Bestselling book “The Soul of an Octopus”
Sylvia Earle standing by Winner for Portrait Category – Octo-Selfie by Erhan Onfidan

📷 Winners Of ‘The Octographer’ Photo Competition

Without further ado, here are the winners of ‘The Octographer’…

✨ Best In Show

🏆 Winner: Lavender Waves by Ernie Black

🐙 Categories Winners

These are the winners for each category of the competition…

✨ Behavior

🏆 Winner: My Castle by Alex Permiakov

✨ Honorable Mentions:

Smoulder by Kaspa Blewett

Full On by Hidde Juijn


✨ Details

🏆 Winner: Mother Octopus by Kevin Lee

✨ Honorable Mentions:

Eyes by Toni Bertran


Octopus nebula by Max Gillespie

✨ Environment

🏆 Winner: Walking through the forest by Mariano Rodríguez

✨ Honorable Mentions

Peeping Octopus by Illan Ben Tov

Giant by Todd Mintz

✨ Portrait

🏆 Winner: Octo-Selfie by Erhan Onfidan

✨ Honorable Mentions

Caribbean Reef Octopus by Bryant Turffs

GOTCHA! by Hidde Juijn

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