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7 Jaw-Dropping Caribbean Reef Octopus Facts

As the sun goes down and the reef descends into darkness, who comes out to play? The Caribbean Reef Octopus! This blue-green iridescent, shallow water octopus is one fancy cephalopod and a master of turning itself into a shimmery parachute to snare prey in the dead of night. Read up

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Here’s Everything You Want To Know About Octopus Suckers!

What is the shape of a frisbee, can hold up to 35 pounds, pry open a clamshell, AND taste food? An octopus sucker! Powerful and sensitive, octopus suckers are the ultimate all-purpose tool. Read to get suckered into all the cool stuff you never knew you wanted to know about

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‘Artist Spotlight’ Of The Week: Anna Frenkel

Howdy Nation! In today’s post, we are going to be featuring our ‘Artist Spotlight’ of the week: Anna Frenkel. Anna is a biological model maker and uses her crafts and resources to bring deep-sea creatures to life! She will be showing us 4 different examples of cephalopods she has created

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The Coolest Cephalopod Research To Come Out Of 2021

2021 may have been the second year of this new “normal” life we all find ourselves in. And, even after everything we have been through, none of it has slowed down cephalopod scientists from new discoveries. So, with that said, here are 6 of the coolest and often hilarious cephalopod

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An Octopus Changing Color? Find Out HOW And WHY!

Did you know an octopus can change color in a flash? It’s true! In this post, we are going to get into all of the weird and wonderful details behind their superpowered SKIN! Read on to discover how an octopus can change color in an instance, know exactly what color

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