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9 Giant Pacific Octopus Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

The largest octopus, weighing in at an impressive 70.7 kg (156 lbs) and with an arm span the length of a car, the Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus Dofleini) is one big cephalopod! Let’s find out how these shy and solitary giant ocean creatures can get in to all kinds of

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Fun Facts About The Female Blanket Octopus (Superhero Of The Sea)

The aliens landed long ago- they just live underwater. A disproportionately sized spouse, a cape that would make any superhero jealous, and stealing jellyfish tentacles to use as their own personal octopus nunchucks are just some of the ways the Female Blanket Octopus leaves us starstruck and truly questioning if

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octopus with a crab underneath it's webbing and its arms tightly bunched in

Octo Chef: What Do Octopus Eat?

If you have been following OctoNation for a while now and have been educating yourself on all things octopus, I’m sure the question has come to mind- What do octopus eat? Well, today, I am going to share everything there is to know about octopus diets along with what their

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Fun Facts About The Strawberry Squid

Lopsided eyeballs with unique colors. Lights that flash and pulse to lure in prey. An invisibility cloak to move around the ocean undetected by predators. These are just a few of many wondrous delights exhibited by the fanciest looking squid in the ocean, the Strawberry Squid.  The Strawberry Squid, scientifically

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Octopus Sweater: The Perfect Hand-Stitched Addition

Learn why octopuses make the perfect addition to your favorite sweater. Special thanks to Ella Beaudoin for sharing her octopus inspired knitted sweater! Last month, archaeologist and artist Ella Beaudoin went ‘viral’ showing off the hand-stitched blue-ringed octopus she had added to a vintage fisherman’s sweater. For Ella, the attention

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The Octo-Punch: The Truth Behind Why Octopuses Punch Fish

While observing a day octopus exhibiting hunting behavior, Eduardo Sampaio, an octopus scientist, witnessed the octopus deliver an octo-punch as it scoured for food. Learn the truth behind why octopuses punch fish out of “spite”. It’s the middle of the day in the Red Sea. The day octopus (Octopus cyanea)

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Really BIG News Nation!!!

We’ve been selected to participate in the 2020 Facebook Community Accelerator, a six-month program focused on helping impactful communities to grow. A total of 77 communities across six regions have been selected to participate. Octonation – The Largest Octopus Fan Club is 1 of 14 in North America to be participating

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