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When Do Senescent Octopuses Feel Pain?

🚨 New octopus research alert from marine scientist Meghan Holst and her team, who discovered and finally got an answer to the question: When do senescent (end of life) octopuses feel pain? This post reviews what happens when octopuses get older, delving into the senescence process, and most importantly, what

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‘Artist Spotlight’ Of The Week: Olivier Leger

Howdy Nation! In today’s post, we are going to be featuring our ‘Artist Spotlight’ of the week: Olivier Leger. A keen scuba diver, Olivier’s artwork draws upon his interest in ecology, specifically showcasing the octopus in his piece named ‘Worlds Within’! Meet Olivier Leger! Inspired by his experiences underwater and

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Southern Keeled Octopus walking seafloor Matt Testoni

Do Octopus Have Bones?

What if you live in a world where you’re able to be weightless all day and supported by a cocoon of water? Do you NEED bones? Nope. So, do octopus have bones? They have ZERO bones, and yet they still have structure to them. How do they manage to be

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‘Cephalotography’ Of The Week: John Roney

Howdy Nation! In today’s post, we are going to be featuring some of our favorite cephalotography by underwater diver: John Roney. We have been featuring some of John’s amazing octopus videos for a while now. So we are super excited to finally take a closer look at his process of

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octopus vulgaris

8 Octopus Facts (You’ve Probably Never Heard Of)!

Do you love learning random fun facts? We do too! Here are 8 (see what we did there) octopus facts you might have never heard of. Trust us- one of these is bound to make your jaw drop! 1. Octopuses have cat-like tongues! It’s called a radula and it’s a

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