Fun Facts About The Strawberry Squid

Lopsided eyeballs with unique colors. Lights that flash and pulse to lure in prey. An invisibility cloak to move around the ocean undetected by predators.

These are just a few of many wondrous delights exhibited by the fanciest looking squid in the ocean, the Strawberry Squid.

The Strawberry Squid, scientifically known as Histioteuthis heteropsis, comes by its name with a bright red body dotted by tiny luminescent photophores.

Many of you asked us questions about the Strawberry Squid on Facebook and Instagram post, so we wanted to share some more fun facts about this beautifully red squid!

It’s How Big?

The Strawberry Squid is about the size of a football, with the largest mantle recorded at 29 cm (~11.5 inches).

Did you know that Strawberry Squid participates in the largest migration on the planet?

It is called the diel vertical migration (DVM) and occurs every day when trillions of marine animals move between the surface and depths of the ocean around the same time.

Little Glowing Orbs Of Light Photophores radiate light within the body tissue giving the Strawberry Squid the power to glow up like a night light!

Stealth Mode Activation The Strawberry Squid has two ingenious ways of disappearing from their predator’s sight and activating some serious stealth mode capabilities.

Strawberry Squids are born with the same size eyeballs, but as they mature, their left eye has a massive growth spurt.

Strawberry Squids And Their Wonky Eyeballs

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