Fun Facts About The Female Blanket Octopus

(Superhero Of The Sea)

Found in subtropical and tropical oceans, the Blanket Octopus (Tremoctopus violaceus), embodies that ultimate nomadic invertebrate lifestyle as she spends her days floating through the open ocean.

There are 4 species of the Blanket Octopus who are named after the females flowing iridescent and transparent flesh that connects four of their arms.

With so many of you asking us questions about the Female Blanket Octopus on our Facebook and Instagram posts, we wanted to share some more fun facts about this beautiful octopus.

Females Blanket Octopus = Supergirl? Divers on a blackwater dive in the Lembeh Strait off the coast of Indonesia captured the unbelievable moment when a female blanket octopus zoomed by like Supergirl.

Fun Fact

Males are the size of a walnut, can be up to 40,000 times lighter than the female, and really have no need for a cape.

Get Ready To Be Intimidated

While looking spectacular and wowing divers is as good a reason as any to have a fab-looking cape, the Female Blanket Octopus’s real use for it is to make herself appear larger.

Fun Fact

Her cape also contains eye spots which could aid in making predators think twice about attacking.

Like many octopuses, she can swim away quickly using jet propulsion or release ink into a predator’s face attempting to confuse it long enough to high tail it out of there.

The Blanket Octopus are somehow immune to the stinging tentacles of the highly venomous Portuguese Man O’ War, a jellyfish-like creature that sails the open seas.

Octopus Nunchucks (a.k.a. Stolen Jellyfish Tentacles)

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