‘Cephalotography’ Of The Week: Eric Wahl

In today’s story, we are going to be featuring some of our favorite cephalotography by underwater diver: Eric Wahl.

Meet Eric Wahl!

Currently residing in Monterey, CA, Eric is an avid underwater photographer and scientific diver who’s been obcephed (obsessed with cephalopods) and their kin his entire life!

How long have you been an underwater photographer? 

“I started underwater diving about 3 years with a GoPro and eventually worked my way up.”

Where do you mainly dive and take underwater photos?

“I mainly dive at Monastery Beach (Carmel-by-the-Sea) and San Carlos Beach (Monterey) in California.

“As a photographer, a lot of my time is spent sitting or hovering in front of something trying to get the lighting and focus right.

How long do you dive for?

Do you normally go alone?

You’re not SUPPOSED to dive alone, but if I DID, it’d be only when none of my buddies are available and the conditions are right.”

Are you known for having a certain types of style when it comes to your photos?

“I don’t have a distinct style but I try to get engaging photos with interesting, non-flat lighting if that makes sense.

How do you capture the creature that is in front of the camera just the way you want? 

I’ve only recently begun using strobes for my photos so that’s been a fun new adventure/adjustment.”

What do you like most about being an underwater photographer? 

“I love being able to bring my friends, family and followers along with me under the sea.

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