Answering The Most Asked Questions About  ‘My Octopus Teacher’

(From A Science Perspective)

The movie that captured our hearts at a time when we needed it most, ‘My Octopus Teacher’ was released to the world on September 4, 2020.

Today, we are going to be answering some of the burning follow-up questions people had after watching this incredible film! Let’s get to it!

Is ‘My Octopus Teacher’  a true story?

Yes! ‘My Octopus Teacher’  is about nature documentary filmmaker, naturalist, and founder of Sea Change Project, Craig Foster, and his unlikely friendship with a Common Octopus.

How cold is the water when Craig is filming?  Is that normal?

In the film, Craig mentions  that the water can get down  to 8-9C° (46-48F°)!! Brrrr!!

Why is he diving without a wetsuit or SCUBA tank? What is this type of diving called?

It’s called freediving! Craig Foster says he goes diving without a wetsuit because  the cold water energizes him.

How long can Craig Foster  and director Pippa Ehrlich hold their breaths? Do you have to do special training to be able to do that?

In ‘My Octopus Teacher’,  Craig Foster can hold his breath for six minutes and Pippa Ehrlich can hold hers for four.  Pretty impressive, right?

The fabulous and most studied of all the octopus species,  the Common Octopus  (Octopus vulgaris)!

What kind of octopus is seen in ‘My Octopus Teacher’?

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