Dance studio photography and website

Web design, photography and all those crazy stuff we do to make clients happy.

Photography: Aneta Ivanova
Assistant & Retouch: Lyuben Denev
Design: Aneta Ivanova
Front-end: Rositsa Atanasova
back-end: Aneta Ivanova

The dance studio main goals were:

1. To have a beautiful website, which their clients and other visitors were able to use easily.
2. The website to have a functioning classes calendar.
3. To bring new clients and partners to the dancing studio.
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Photographer Aneta Ivanova

Our jobs in the project were:

1. To bring life to the dancing website and to make it useful as well.
2. To create something without parallel in the market that our client is.
3. To have fun with the people we did the project for.

We started with the client’s briefing and came up with the idea for the whole brand. The implementation of the idea started with photographing the dancers. After few days of shooting and even more days of retouching the pictures, we came up with the design for the website. Then we needed the client’s approval in order to start coding it. The approval was fast and painless. After it we coded the website awhile and we came up with this gougers project we look at now.
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The end result

is a beautiful website which is functional for everyone. The visitors love it and that is the best reward for us.
Check out the website

Great pictures for a great dancing websiteWe even have place for zumbamodern-dancingIf you need Pilates just visit our websiteEverything under one website

Results are beautiful, fully functional responsive website

This project is for sale.

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